Studio M 4' Healing Garden Art Pole #5539

Studio M 4' Healing Garden Art Pole

Brand: Studio M

Item#: 5539

Price: $130.00

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Art work by Stephanie Burgess.  Thumbnail image shows actual 3D product, large image shows the design before wraparound.

Made in the USA!!!  Constructed of long-lasting, ultra-durable PVC, these maintenance free poles are laminated for fade-resistance and durability.  

Easy to install too.  NO DIGGING REQUIRED!!!  All hardware is included.  These poles drop ship directly to your home from Fenton, Missouri.

Install one in these EASY steps:  Easily place the wicket hardware into the ground without digging.  Last step - Slide the hollow PVC Art Pole over the post and, VOILA, your masterpiece is ready for your neighbors and guests to ooh and ahh over!!!


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