Sports - Toland Have a Ball Eco-Friendly Flag #4199

Sports - Toland Have a Ball Eco-Friendly Flag

Item #: 4199


Another great flag design by Beth Logan.  Perfect way to support the team!  Any team!

What is an eco-friendly flag you might ask?  Well, Toland Home Garden tells us that the process looks like this:  Recyled PET products, or #1 bottles, are reprocessed into flakes, melted and spun into fibers.  The fibers are spun into strands and then rewoven into a fine synthetic polyester cloth.  Toland takes the cycle full circle by combining their great flag designs with this cloth.  They're even making sure the rest of the packaging is made from recycled plastic and paper.  They still use their inique sublimation process guaranteeing a flag with fabric durability, vivid color and retention of shape for years to come. 


Available in Garden or Standard Size.  Please make your selection below.




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