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Woodstock Blowin' in the Wind Chime 

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This chime is tuned to notes from the last line of the chorus of Bob Dylan's classic song Blowin' in the Wind.

Written in the 1960s, Blowin' in the Wind was an anthem for a generation that questioned the status quo and searched for answers to life's deepest mysteries. It's often considered a protest song, but like all great poetry, it stimulates the listener to deeper thought without offering easy answers to the questions it poses. Thought to be the most covered Dylan song, it has been recorded by artists as diverse as Stevie Wonder and Cher. Dylan has long been associated with our namesake town of Woodstock, NY, having lived here through much of the `60s, so it was natural for us to honor his most iconic song with a chime played by the wind. May your customers find all the answers they seek in its dulcet tones.

This chime carries a lifetime tuning guarantee.  Detachable windcatcher for easy customization.

Dimensions: 34 in. Overall Length Materials: Cherry finish ash wood, 6 silver aluminum tubes.


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