House Plant - Episcia Cupreata - Flame Flower

Item #: 5917


By any name, we love these plants.  Flame Flower, Chocolate Soldier, Episcia Cupreata - great house plant.  We offer one rooted starter plant which is one of the babies from our mother plant shown here.

Episcia cupreata need plenty of light but cannot tolerate the strong rays of the sun. Water with moderation in the summer and sparingly in winter. Let the soil dry in between waterings. Flame violets need high humidity but cannot tolerate water on their leaves. Fertilize every 2 weeks in summer with a balanced fertilizer diluted to ¼ strength recommended on the label. 

Episcia cupreata has oval, wrinkled, green leaves flecked with copper and purple underneath with orange-red flowers with yellows in the axils; the lobes may be fringed. 

Genus name comes from the Greek word episkios meaning shaded for the natural habitat of these plants.


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